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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
I don't disagree with your point but Chuck Billy delivers every song with tenacity and fire so why not play songs that will translate better live? Trial by Fire is their most known song and they don't play it often because Chuck doesn't want to I read. He's tired of it, the same way me and my friends are deathly tired of Souls of Black. I just used the 2nd grade chorus as a quick example but the point of all of this is simple.

If 1 person threw the Souls of Black CD in and remembered or discovered what a great song Seven Days of May is then I accomplished what I was trying to. I've been turned onto some great music through here and recently downloaded the Ghoul catalog based on a post from the MD Deathfest thread and can't stop listening to it.

My other point was if you're at a Priest show and the guy to your left yells You've got another thing coming and the guy on your right yells Island of Domination, who do you respect more? Who would you have an in-depth passionate conversation about music with? I've met some great people at shows and none of them were there to heara song that has been overplayed 10K times that's all. These are the same people who stare aimlessly when Beyond the Realms of Death is being played. Sad...

I'm no barney bad-ass by any stretch but I've been to shows where I was standing, jamming out and some poser behind me yelled for me to sit down and actually went and got security to try to sit me down. I'd rather be shot on the spot than sit at a concert so if that makes me an asshole, that's me. That happened at a Tool show last year and I asked the sword swallower to name 3 Tool songs other than Sober and he couldn't. So if my tolerance for posers isn't that high, there are reasons behind it.
I respect your point about posers, because I too have seen those kind of people, and bugs the hell out of me. And yes, I would oviously respect the one who said "Island of Domination" more. But you are generalizing WAY too much, a fan can yell both of those songs and really enjoy the set whichever way it goes. I wouldn't necessarily yell out You've Got Another Thing Coming, but I'd enjoy it nonetheless.

And I love Seven Days of Mary, hell, I like practically every song off of Souls. like I said before, I don't think Testament have any poor record. I guess its all taste in the end, but there is no need to be arrogant with an opinion.
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