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Originally Posted by gilpdawg View Post
It absoutely sucked to have small crowds on this tour, but to say it's because of Return to Serenity is kind of a stretch. If anything it helped them. That's how I first heard of them (I'm probably younger than most of you guys in this thread and didn't get into metal until 94-95ish) and then discovered the "good" stuff. But my point is, I don't think there's 500 people out there who said "man, I would go see Testament, but fuck that, they recorded a ballad in 1992."
There's a reason a band that has so many great songs who just put out one of the best cd's of 2008 can't sell tickets and I was just specualting on one of the reasons why. The promoter who booked the show told me he expected to sell 1500 tickets and as of 2 weeks ago he had only sold 400 and lost his ass. They move the show from Rams Head to Recher and less than the original 400 actually show. Close to 100 people bought tickets to the 1st show and just didn't go once it got moved. There were barely 300 people there for a band I consider to be one of the best bands of all time. Chuck Billy is incredibly powerful live, Skolnick has a huge following (dude has to lose the 101 dalmation hair though) and the star of the night when I saw them was Paul Bostaph. He absolutely KILLED it. This band has everything you would want to see live but no one is going. Apparently they're having sparse crowds every other night and have talked about cancelling some shows.

Like I said in another thread if they booked the tour as a New Order tour it would have sold better but people who miss this tour are really missing a great show. Lazarus are incredible if you like 80's thrash. If Kill em all is one of your favorite cd's, you'll love these guys. Unearth is trying to be A7X and failed. I seriously doubt I'll ever see them again or buy another cd.

The 2nd biggest mystery to me is why isn't Testament playing more stuff from the new cd? They play as many songs off Gathering as the new cd and those are James Murphy's leads. Nothing off Low? Isn't Low one of their best cd's?

I don't think I've ever left a show with more questions than this show but I'd still highly recommend people go and see it.
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