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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
Good point. The Ritual was an extension of Souls of Black to me. They lost their edge and lost a huge part of their fan base in the process. Sure they gained a few soccer moms with Return to Serenity but the damage they did at that point is a main reason there were only 300 people at the show last night.

If I wasn't passionate about this I wouldn't care. It sucked to have such a small crowd there but there were very few pits and tons of headbanging. I loved it
It absoutely sucked to have small crowds on this tour, but to say it's because of Return to Serenity is kind of a stretch. If anything it helped them. That's how I first heard of them (I'm probably younger than most of you guys in this thread and didn't get into metal until 94-95ish) and then discovered the "good" stuff. But my point is, I don't think there's 500 people out there who said "man, I would go see Testament, but fuck that, they recorded a ballad in 1992."
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