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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
Good point. The Ritual was an extension of Souls of Black to me. They lost their edge and lost a huge part of their fan base in the process. Sure they gained a few soccer moms with Return to Serenity but the damage they did at that point is a main reason there were only 300 people at the show last night.

If I wasn't passionate about this I wouldn't care. It sucked to have such a small crowd there but there were very few pits and tons of headbanging. I loved it
The fan base should have realized that was just treading into different waters, and Low began a different tread all together. Formation is them coming full round again.

But to get back Souls of Black the song, you don't have to have the best lyrics in the world to make it a well constructed song. The delivery in the end is what makes it. Look at Cannibal Corpse. Their lyrics are nothing but brutal, gruesome, sometimes even humorous murder/death images, and in comparison to other death metal bands' lyrics, they are pretty over the top sometimes (not saying other death metal bands dont have brutal lyrics). In the end, it doesn't matter what the hell they are talking about, its that Corpsegrinder fucking rips on those words and makes em sound fucking powerful. They said it themselves, "It's not like the lyrics are meant to be taken super seriously", they are not telling people to seriously strip rape and strangle someone, or smash a hammer into someone's face.

The comparison might be a bit of a stretch, but it makes my point. Delivery > Lyrics anyday. So there really is no need to flame on FeMaiden because he enjoys hearing songs like Souls of Black live, as do I. And there is also nothing wrong with You've Got Another Thing Coming. Is the trend now to start hating on songs that become popular? A person can like everything a band has to offer and not limit themselves to solely listening to certain albums/songs.
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