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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
Cool deal man. Maybe if you made a cool comment like Seven Days of May, nice call! rather than raises hand we could have actually had an intelligent conversation.

Everyone I talked to last night agreed Souls of Black is their worst album by a mile and it was cool hearing more stuff from The Gathering and talking about music that is still relevant today.

Also comparing Souls of Black to Number of the Beast is blasphemous. It's more like Fear of the Dark. A title track from an album where they were just trying to be commercial and get played on the radio and mtv. Nothing remotely classic about a song like that. They should be forgotten. Hence my comparison...
Sorry that I like to hear songs that I like. It's my opinion and taste. Seems you feel your opinion is fact but the opinions of others are lame, sheepish, blasphemous, or not intelligent. For the record, I did not compare SOB to NOTB. Another poster did. Read more carefully so we really can have an intelligent conversation. All you have really done is show yourself to be a closed minded asshole in this thread and I know I am not the only one who feels that way!
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