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I've been with Clutch since Day 1 going to see them play American Legion shows and shit. Their 1st cd is their best by a mile to me. I love every song and it's sad that the bandwagon people don't get to hear Binge and Purge and some of those other heavy classics live. As much as I like Clutch and respect their long setlists they totally dis their longtime fans and have done so for many years. When their 2nd cd came out they had a show at Hammerjacks and played the entire new cd and only played Rats and Shotgun as encores. Needless to say people were boo'ing the shit out of them in their home town 2/3rds through the show.

I'm happy to see the local boys succeed and stay true to their music but bring back the heavy shit and stop ignoring your fans who bought that 1st cd and pumped you guys up to where you are now. Binge and Purge should be played every night
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