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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
Newsflash: Suicide Silence is a faggot brocore band.
you have a point. but im talking about bands who dress like brocore wiggers and act tough. ie Emmure. if you look at SS they look like metalheads and they always demand circle/mosh pits. this band actually gets pissed when there is alot of hardcore dancers.

Originally Posted by Metal_Head View Post
Awesome set! How is the song No Time to Bleed?
i don't really remembered how it sounded but i remember it sounding good. Mitch did they say this was the first time they have ever played it.

Originally Posted by MetalMarkLI View Post
Engine no.9 is a great cover. how did the new songs sound?
they sounded great. the only one that i've heard before the show was Lifted, which in my opinion seems like an improvement for the band. its more melodic, less deathcoreness, less breakdowns, etc.

Originally Posted by SerpentineVIVIVI View Post
I don't mean to troll around or anything, but bands like this just piss me off. Breakdowns in every song, wanna-be death metal vocals, "core" dancers going crazy to these guys....

It's like the new nu-metal.
i hate this genre of music as much as the next metalhead, but for some reason i like SS. i used to despise them and thought they were just another lame deathcore band with breakdowns, then i saw them live and it changed my mind.
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