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This was an amazing show!! I found Andrew in line before the concert and he was nice enough to sign one of Gojira's CD Booklet's for me.

The first band Car Bomb, was terrible. I don't even feel like getting started...

Next up was the Chariot. Their music was terrible, BUT, I will compliment them on their theatrics. They were throwing guitars all over the stage the whole time. I will admit it was pretty fun to watch! But their crowd ruined it for me. hxc dancers all around.

In between the two bands, I checked out the merch. It was $20 bucks for a t-shirt if anyone's curious, and $10+ for Mario's and Joe's artwork! After the show I bought a grey Gojira t-shirt. Also I ran into Tom from the band Burning at the Stake, if you guys have a minute and are into bands like Gojira, please check them out!

Gojira was up next. They fucking blew my mind.They're precision was just unbelievable! They didn't miss a note! Mario's drum solo was very enjoyable and they really did a wonderful job of getting the crowd involved with the concert. The pit was a fun place to be for most of the time. I especially went crazy for the song "Toxic Garbage Island." That song is a great moshing song. Anyways, I really felt like part of the concert and had a great time. Gojira really is an AMAZING live band, and if you have not seen them yet, fucking SEE THEM!!

Overall, I really enjoyed this concert, and cannot wait to see Gojira again!!
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