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Originally Posted by JuuKun View Post
Pig Destroyer
1. Hourglass
2. Trojan Whore
3. Naved Trees (?)
4. Loathsome
5. Death Tripper
6. Rotten Yellow
7. 4th Degree Burns
8. Pretty in Casts
9. Thumbsucker
10. Piss Angel
11. Cheerleader Corpses
12. Terrifyer
This set list is essentially correct (I got video of the entire set, and also a photo of the set list from a fellow fan).

I only have three minor clarifications:

(1) The third track you listed is called "Naked Trees" (from the album "Prowler in the Yard").
(2) Before playing "Cheerleader Corpses", they played the track "Jennifer", which is really a sample - but it is noteworthy as a separate track because it is a separate track on the album, and also because the crowd always has such a huge reaction to it.
(3) You forgot to state explicitly that Pig Destroyer FUCKING RULES. This is required each time you mention Pig Destroyer in print. I'm serious. It's a law.

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