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Opeth -- Columbus, OH -- May 23rd, 2009

Enslaved opened and were pretty damn good, but I'm not familiar with them. Let's assume they played what they've played every night of the tour.

Opeth were fantastic as always, and this was my fifth time seeing them. Mikael is always a wry, hilarious frontman, and they never so much as fuck up one note in their exceedingly complex songs. They may be the most proficient live band on the planet. And unlike Dream Theater, when they jam out their songs to twice their length (see "Closure"), it's not boring; it's interesting, fun, and even possibly better than the studio recording. Here's the setlist:

Heir Apparent
Ghost of Perdition
Godhead's Lament
Hessian Peel
The Night and the Silent Water
The Lotus Eater
Demon of the Fall

After the show, we waited around back for the band (something I've never done before because I'm not a Guns n' Roses fan in 1988), but since we had waited anyway, I met Mikael Åkerfeldt. Let's keep in mind that he's one of heroes, and I've loved the dude's music for four or five years now. I said "Can my friend and I take a funny blowjob picture with you?" He gracefully (albeit awkwardly) obliged, and now I have a funny blowjob picture with Mikael Åkerfeldt. Pix or didn't happen, and when I get the e-mail from the dude who took it, you'll know it did.

Great night.
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