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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
I can't help but feel if you do only get charged one pound for all of those, it will be pennies split up among executives and not the artists.

I also can't help but feel that this is what's killing the music.
You are working on the basis that the merchant got the CD for free. In most cases, when the merchant has bought their stock, that's the label's part done. They've made their money. They take their cut, and pass the rest on to the wherever it is it's got to go (fuck all to the artist, as we know).

What the merchant sells a CD for is their business. If you pay $10 for a CD or $1 for a CD, that makes no difference to what the artist gets. The difference between those two prices is the difference in profit the seller makes. They've already paid the wholesale price to the label/distributer.

I've no problem paying less than RRP for a CD. Ever.

What's killing music is the same shit that's always been killing music. Moron public, bullshit radio and illegal music trading (which, these days, is downloading).

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