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Testament -- Sayreville, NJ -- May 22nd, 2009

Before anything, this show was AMAZING. Seeing a legendary thrash band in a bar-orineted venue was just awesome, and the energy was just great. My only complaint were the hardcore dancing fags, but it's not like that ruined the experience of the show. Anyhow, me and some buddies started the morning with I-Hop and then we headed all the way to N.J., taking about 4 hours because we got lost (Mapquest sucks) and we stopped for food. It was a fun ride though, and we got there at 7 in the dot, so we got in line to enter the venue. Jeff from Lazarus A.D. was by his merch stand upon entry, so I got to meet him and talk to him for a bit, really down to earth guy. About 10-15 minutes after the doors opened, a local band called DTA went on, and they were pretty good, but my only complaint was I felt that the vocals didn't fit the genre they played, but overall it was still good. 20 minutes after them came Lazarus A.D., who were really damned good. They sounded tight, they had a great tone/sound, and they were all over the place active, which is really cool to see in new bands. Me and my friends went into the pit (no pun intended ) and started a headbanging line during Thou Shall Not Fear, so that was pretty cool . As I said above, scene fags were all over the place, and it was surprising (in a negative way) and disheartening to see them hardcore dance to a great thrash metal band. They did that to DTA too, and it was embarassing to see great music be danced to by Warped Tour/Bamboozle loving losers . All in all, Lazarus were great, and I will definately be following them around now .

Lazarus A.D.

1) Last Breath
2) Thou Shall Not Fear
3) Absolute Power
4) #1
5) Revolution
6) Rebirth

My quick synopsis of Unearth is that they put on a pretty good show and had a lot of energy, but I am just not a fan of their music and that genre, so I have a bias. For what they do they did very well, and I must say their guitarist are really fucking good, even though one of them had an obsession with picking his nose then licking his finger.... To my knowledge they did not play Zombie Autopilot, but I could be wrong.


1) My Will Be Done
2) This Lying World
3) Crow Killer
4) Sanctity Of Brothers
5) Endless
6) Grave Of Opportunity
7) We Are Not Anonymous
8) Black Hearts Will Now Reign

Testament were amazing, best time I've seen them. I was able to make front row center barricade because I saw some friends there, and I am very glad I went there, because it was a great view and experience. Tight as always, and the stage activism was great. Chuck sounded beastly, and Peterson and Skolnick sounded great with solid tone and rhythm/lead duties. Highlights were when I called Chuck "the man" and he put his horns up to me and shook my hand. Some Fillipino guy tried to stage dive after another guy had, and Chuck was gonna let him but security said no, so Chuck started shaking his head and the guy kept on mouthing "please, come on" and Chuck said no . Show ended great, with me getting a Peterson and Skolnick pick. Afterwards we went to the bus area and met all of Lazarus A.D., who were drunk as hell but really fun and chill guys. Drummer nearly invited us on the bus to play Halo 2! . Doc from God Forbid was there too, so that was cool to see. In conclusion, Testament were fucking great, and it was totally worth the 4 hour drive .


01) For The Glory Of...
02) The Preacher
03) Practice What You Preach
04) The New Order
05) Over The Wall
06) Sins Of Omission
07) More Than Meets The Eye
08) Do Or Die
09) The Persecuted Won't Forget
10) Demonic Refusal
11) True Believer
12) The Legacy
13) Into The Pit
14) Souls Of Black
15) Electric Crown
16) Disciples Of The Watch
17) D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)
18) Three Days In Darkness
19) The Formation Of Damnation
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