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Considering what they always play, and based upon the current tour this is what I'd like to see, although there are tons of songs I know they'd never play live, including snuff or vermillion pt. 2

1. Sic
2. Eyeless
3. Wait and bleed
4. Before I forget
5. Dead Memories
6. The heretic Anthem
7. Pulce of the maggots
8. Me inside
9: Vermillion
10. The Blister Exists
11. Left behind
12. Sulfer
13. All Hope is gone
14. Psycho Social
15. Duality
16. People Equals Shit
17. Purity
18. Surfacing
19. Spit it out.

Like I said there are so many songs I would have loved to include, but also I would like to keep it realistic in the length of their set as well. Also, to mee that almost looks like a set they might actually play. Although I know they typically don't play me inside or purity much and rarely if ever don't play disaster piece, which I was never real fond of, but other than that, I could almost see them playing something like that.
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