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Originally Posted by b_halperin View Post
nice first post! sucks that all that remains couldn't get a pit goin. if only i was there.


Yeah, and I think I had people staring at me when I was singing the ATR and Atreyu songs, not like shut the fuck up, but more of a wow, you like these guys enough to know the words?

I thought at the entire show both days, the crowds were boring, I guess it was that each person was there to see a different show, so one band didn't have enough supporters to really make it look like the entire crowd was into any one band's performance.

From the t-shirt perspective, slipknott Motley Crue, and Avenged Sevenfold had the most supporters, but then again there were tons of people there and one person can't obviously see everyone's shirt, but that's just what my girlfriend and I saw most of.

It was my first time seeing All that Remains, and I thought they were even more awsome than on the dvd, which I thought was pretty good.

rev theory's set was

wanted man
Light it up
favorite disease/head like a hole (Nine Inch Nails cover) They went into it in the middle of the song then went back to favorite disease
far from over
and they closed with Hell Yeah

a pretty good set and show as I said, although it started to rain the last few songs of their set, and you should have seen the people rush off to find shelter, needless to say it made it easier to see and hear with less people. I thought the rain felt good, it was hot at that point.
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