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Originally Posted by The_jman View Post
I had a great time at the show.

You are right about the all that remains set, and from where I was their sound was awsome, but I was to one side of the stage so the other side's sound could have sucked

Atreyu's entire set in orderr was

Bleeding Mascara
Falling Down
When two are One
Right Side of the Bed
Ex's and oh's
Becoming the Bull
and they closed with Lip Gloss and Black

a good set and a good show in my opinion. They really seemed on that night, better then the last time I saw them which was Taste of Chaos 08, they were good then of course, but I just feel they were more focused that night, although the crowd kind of sucked. No one knew the words not even to Becoming the Bull. I remember at Taste of Chaos, the entire Arena echoed with crowd singing of that song, and this time was kinda bla.

I'm not one to join a pit, but I was kind of surprised that ATR didn't get one started. Oh I saw like 3 guys try to start a circle pit... but three guys do not equal a circle pit.

I have to verify a couple of songs and then I'll give you the Rev Theory Set, which was a great show too in my opinion, and the crowd really liked them, although not as much as they did AAll that Remains or Atreyu after them.

I too was disappointed to see A7X get shafted, they didn't even get time to play Bat Counntry? Oh well, this was my third time seeing them in concert so I couldn't complain. Was awsome to see Eternal Rest/Chapter 4 live. Chapter 4 was one of the fiirst Avenged songs I ever liked, so it was neat to finally hear it live.

Shinedown was amazing, much better than the last time I saw them, I think Brent Smith was sick last time I saw them, and they really got the crowd into it, much more than buckcherry following them. Many people around me just seemed bored during Buckcherry's set. I thought they were better the last time I saw them, and I wasn't as impressed with the set, but, that's ok.

overall a great show I'm glad I went
nice first post! sucks that all that remains couldn't get a pit goin. if only i was there.
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