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Thanks man. There is something about Rams Head live that brings out the best in bands. When 7dust and BLS played recently they had a crab feast backstage with a bunch of people. If I didn't have to be at work at 5:am the next day I would have been pulling strings to get back there. I heard Zakk and Lajon were the coolest dudes and everyone was just hanging out.

If you're on the east coast I highly recommend checking out Rams Head Live. It's as close to Hammerjacks as we have now.

Speaking of that if anyone remembers Hammerjacks they're having a Hammerjacks reunion in July at Recher Theatre. Kix, Child's Play and a few other bands are playing but the guys from Wrathchild (America) and other cool bands are going to be there. My girl Jill Deville posted a bunch of pics with Rob Halford, Axl Rose, Ozzy, The Road Warriors, The Ramones & other cool people. Man I miss that place...
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