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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
I can't believe the idiocracy (cool movie reference) of these setlists. Unearth is getting bashed at every show and rightfully so. These guys have great songs and I'm starting to dig the new cd but GILES is one of their 3 best songs and they should close with it every night. Someone needs a f'n reality check in their camp.

Testament better not just play Setlist C every F'n night. Or if nothing else mix it up more. I can lsit 20 songs 'd rather hear than Alone in the Dark including EVERY other song off Legacy.

If they don't start catering to their core audience they will become extinct.
Unearth is cool for 5 minutes, but soon after you realize that you're going to hear 45 minutes of songs that sound exactly like the one before it. I do have a soft spot for Black Hearts Now Reign though.
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