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So many things I could really say about the cover songs that were played. I am all about a "fun" cover song but Destiny's Child? I don't want to be one of these negative people on here so I will try to be positive for the other songs that were played.

Even though it's tough for me to admit I have seen alot of the bands that played on here and wow there's really nothing worse than going to a radio-sponsored festival and then have to suck it up for the openers and waiting several hours. (Damn you Shinedown!!!!!) I probably still would have went but man alot of those bands playing are kind of on the bleh side. Still want to see AIC really bad. Not being critical but Jerry Cantrell wasn't the only in AIC that decided to keep this going. From seeing bootlegs from the Rock AM Ring festival a few years ago there are still a bunch out there that still would see them.

Good review though, can't be 2 days of music.
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