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Originally Posted by b_halperin View Post
The Most Awesome Metal Festival Ever

Machine Head (10:30-12:00)
Children of Bodom (9:00-10:00)
Gojira (8:00-8:40)
Unearth (7:00-7:40)
Arch Enemy (6:00-6:40)
Behemoth (5:00-5:40)
36 Crazyfists (4:15-4:45)
Divine Heresy (3:30-4:00)
Municipal Waste (2:45-3:15)
Arsis (2:00-2:30)

Death (10:30-12:00)
Mastodon (9:00-10:00)
Hatebreed (8:00-8:40)
Cynic (7:00-7:40)
Hammerfall (6:00-6:40)
Warbringer (5:00-5:40)
Dark Funeral (4:15-4:45)
Straight Line Stitch (3:30-4:00)
Powerglove (2:45-3:15)
I (2:00-2:30)

Amon Amarth (10:30-12:00)
Cannibal Corpse (9:00-10:00)
All That Remains (8:00-8:40)
Trivium (7:00-7:40)
Turisas (6:00-6:40)
Firewind (5:00-5:40)
Ensiferum (4:15-4:45)
Alestorm (3:30-4:00)
The Faceless (2:45-3:15)
Odenwrath (2:00-2:30)

You know that this is the most awesome festival ever, if you disagree, i'd love to hear why it isn't
Now that's a festival. But bro, by the end of Friday your head would be dead. The only reason I would not want festivals like these are for the reason that all energy would be needed to be put into too many things! If this (or a lot of the lineups here) were to become realistic, no one would survive! . Don't get me wrong though, they're all (for the most part) fucking brutal!
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