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Monster Magnet -- Sayreville, NJ -- May 16th, 2009

Venue: Starland Ballroom

Great show last night. Yeah, Dave ballooned up a bit, but he still sounds good. Not that one has anything to do w/ the other. They played an hour and a half and hit all their albums except their latest. Nice crowd at Starland...not packed and not sparse. Super loud though, which is a plus and negative. HA!

I got the setlist and here it is.......

Dopes to Infinity
Crop Circle
Twin Earth (my favorite song and the highlight of the night for me)
Third Alternative
Zodiac Lung
Radiation Day
The Right Stuff
Negasonic Teenage Warhead
Space Lord
Cage Around the Sun
Spine of God
Smoke up, do what you must do
Wake up, inhale the earth grown fumes
Higher than mountains, but oh so goddamn deep

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