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Opeth -- Hollywood, CA -- May 16th, 2009

Fuckin amazing show!!!

I got there at like 6.20 and surprisingly they opened the doors half an hour before the announced time of 7. Luckily I had a friend in line so I cut in with him and once we were inside we got the 2nd row center spot which was very cool

Enslaved came on at 7.15 and they played a decent set. Sorry I'm not familiar with them so don't know the song titles. Anyway I think they played it same as the rest of the tour. One funny part was when the singer said "the name of the next song is" and then he was making some cross or something like that in the air with his hands, we were like 'wtf? '

Opeth came on at 8.30 and I've never seen the Avalon as packed as it was at that time. Even the balcony was full of people. The set was amazing to say the least. They changed it up quite a bit from when I saw them at the Wiltern last year. Mikael was at his funniest best Here's some of the stuff he said :

We were shouting 'Opeth Opeth', he said 'naah no need for that. We know we fuckin rule'.
He waves his hand with 2 fingers and tongue out, 'this is how we say hello in Sweden'.
'We fucked up in Ghost of Perdition, but I tell you it wasn't me'.
'Give me that girly wooo again!'
'I hope I'm funny when I act like being cocky'.

And the last encore was a special one! Before playing it he said 'this is a gift to you LA. Demon .. of the fall'.
Fuck yeah they changed the set just for this show and the Pomona show!! Usually they've been closing the shows with Deliverance but we got Demon of The Fall! Epic!!
My favorites were Night and Silent Water, Lotus Eater and Demon of the Fall.
In the end I got Mikael's guitar pick too!!
All in all, an epic day for me

Pictures :

Here's the setlist:
Heir Apparent
Ghost Of Perdition
Godhead's Lament
Hessian Peel
The Night And The Silent Water
The Lotus Eater
Demon Of The Fall
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