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Originally Posted by SerpentineVIVIVI View Post
That is an awesome set! I'm glad they mixed up the sets a bit, I think it's a bit of a change. Granted that the set voting was a bit of a waste of time I guess, but the set turned out great!

I get what you're saying bout Dog Faced Gods being replaced by Alone In The Dark, but I have yet to see Alone, so I'm good for that right now. I'm also a bit upset they got rid of Hail Mary . Does Skolnick not like playing Low material? Who knows

I saw Testament last night in chicago and got Dog Faced Gods. Also I saw them last year at the Pearl Room in Mokena, IL and they played 2 songs off Low. The title track and Trail of Tears, but nothing off Demonic that time whereas last night we got Demonic Refusal. So at the end of the day it evens out. Seen em twice now and i love em!
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