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yeah I ddin't realize there were as many songs off Gathering as the new cd. I'm surprised Skolnick would agree to that. I mean James Murphy's solos are SICK on that cd but Alex was very anal about playing HIS stuff on the 1st reunion tour.

Bostaph is used to playing Lombardo's drums so that should work but I'd rather hear Sins of Omission, Dog Faced Gods, Hail Mary and APOCALYPTIC CITY! 2 songs off Souls of Black (their worst cd) is 2 too many in all reality. I'd rather hear new cd shit than some of the old retreads.

I'm really hoping for the The New Order set. My buddy books gigs around here and just moved the show from Rams Head (2500 people) to Recher Theatre (600 people) due to lack of ticket sales. As of yesterday they've only sold 400 F'n tickets! Sux!

Meanwhile Citizen Cope sold out Rams Head in 30 minutes. WTF????????
3/3 - Hell Yeah
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