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WOW! Dog Eat Dog. Never thought they would do that again. Very cool. We have a band that was big in Baltimore in the 80's caleld Child's Play and they played DED, Gone Shootin' and Down Payment Blues masterfully. They're playing a Hammerjacks reunion with Kix in July and I already started barraging them about playing those 3 songs again.

It's funny the only original member of Child's Play not playing is John Allen who is now the lead singer for Charm City Devils. They play Preakness Saturday then leave to tour with Crue on the Crue Fest. They're the 1st band on Nikki Sixx's label so you know they are going to get hooked up. Funny when he was in Child's play he was the drummer and no one really knew him. Like Sully Erna with Meliah Rage... even funnier is that Child's Play opened for Meliah Rage at Hammerjacks. Funny how things are so cylical in the music industry...

I actually might see Ac/Dc again after reading this. Thanks. If they replace Big Jack with Sin City or Night Prowler I'd be all over it!
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