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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
Suicide Silence is playing the Bottleneck tomorrow and my friends' band is opening. They've said it's almost sold out. If Suicide Silence can sell out the Bottleneck, don't you think Napalm Death + Exodus can as well?

If I remember correctly, my friend say Kreator + Napalm Death at the Bottleneck back in '04 or so.
Not exactly a fan of SS but that is a good point. Better people go see SS as opposed to the Britney Spears concert that was in KC a month ago or any of that other big crap that comes up to KC. Still SS is a little bit bigger w/ the kids than Napalm or Exodus. I'm pretty sure SS would have sold out The Marquee the other night as well. Guess I'm trying to be overwhelming positive right now...
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