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Originally Posted by Sanatarium78 View Post
It's like that at a lot of shows with the more well known bands. People come cos they wanna hear those two songs the radio plays from them. When I saw them on meyham fest last year it was like that. Most people gave the stuff off the Self Titled and Iowa a nothing reaction but when they did stuff off Vol 3 and played Psychosocial everyone got into it. I've never seen the point of spending the money to see a band if don't know most of their stuff. It's always seemed a little strange to me that people do that.
I only see bands I'm not to well into to hopefully like them better. What better way to get into a band then to see them live playing a "greatest hits" set. I've done that a few times, but yeah I know what you mean. I saw Stone Sour with Shadows fall a couple years ago and there were a lot of young-middle aged (36-45) Women there and they were mostly there for "Through The Glass". Whereas I got "Get Inside"
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