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Originally Posted by snowdevil86 View Post
sorry, last post on this thread i promise...but i just realized u didn't mention that mille also told everyone in the pit to literally kill each other for 'pleasure to kill'. he opened the song with a story about how a journalist recently asked him if he was serious about telling people to kill each other in the mosh pit. he said that he'd told the journalist no, but then screamed "i lied to that motherfucker!! i AM serious!!" and then in the middle of the song, he screamed "you guys in the pit - kill each other!" pretty fucking intense...
Haha, that's awesome. At the New York show we got a different version.

"You know, people are always asking me if I'm serious when I say things like "Get ready to kill eachother!" And truthfully, I'm not. It's just a way for the fans to get more involved in the music and have a great time at a show. That being said...GET READY TO FUCKING KILL EACHOTHER!!!"
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