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Slipknot -- Sioux Falls, SD -- May 12th, 2009

KRROFEST 2009 in South Dakota. My friends were like...lets go on a road trip! so i decided to go along.

most of the bands i didnt really care for but it was an outdoor show, which i always seem to enjoy

Slipknot Headlined with Korn, The Used, Clutch, All That Remains, and Dirtfedd

Slipknots Setlist was as followed:

1) Iowa/742617000027
2) Sic
3) Eyeless
4) Wait And Bleed
5) My Plague
6) Before I Forget
7) Get This
8) Sulfer
9) Blisters Exists
10) Dead Memories
11) Left Behind
12) Disasterpiece
13) Psychosocial
14) Duality
15) People = Shit
16) Surfacing
17) Spit It Out

out of the 5 times i have seen Slipknot this was probably my favorite yet as i always seem to have trouble getting into their music live for some reason.

All That Remains Setlist was:

1) Chiron
2) Not Alone
3) The Air I Breathe
4) Six
5) Undone
6) Two Weeks
7) This Calling

they had good sound but i am not really into these guys either.

The Used was very...not anything i want to see again, this girl that was in front of me was actually crying and taking 9000000 pictures of the lead singer. true story!

Clutch is always a good time live!

Korn was good, lots of kids got into them, they played all their popular songs, i dont remember the order i could probably come up with a fairly accurate setlist if someone wanted

Dirtfedd was pretty cool suprisingly, the singer sounded like Randy from Lamb of God, but they had a sound similar to Bleeding Through, with fairly heavy synth but too many breakdowns for me personally. my favorite song by them, only because of the lyrics went something like "You broke my hearts, now i break your face!" i had to laugh every time they said that. overall pretty fun show surprisingly.
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