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this is the second time the garage has sucked ass. the sound totally cut off during destruction's set, as well - about 10 seconds into 'eternal ban', no less. but yea, when mille told everyone to destroy the place, i started backing into a corner - people were pissed off, hot, and the energy from the band could have easily caused a serious riot. did anyone else notice that right after he said, "i want to see the biggest fucking pit this place has ever seen" for coma of souls, there was a tiny weakling little pit for about the first minute of the song? when he looked up it looked like he was a little irritated. as for belphegor, i had a feeling most people would think they were boring. for one, their black/death metal hybrid sound didn't fit well with the all-thrash lineup at all. second, they only play newer songs, which are awesome on cd but are mostly straight blast-beats that don't necessarily translate that well with a largely unfamiliar audience live. if they would just throw 'march of the dead' or 'necrodaemon terrorsathan' in the set, they'd earn a lot more fans at shows. also, helmuth makes some seriously strange faces live, which probably didn't help for those already unfamliiar with their music. i loved them though, and i actually enjoyed their 4-song performance even more than exodus. kreator seemed a little too harsh, seeing as how mille was extremely pissed off and it just didn't seem like he was enjoying playing the music one bit. destruction's gig their was similar - schmier looked like he just wanted to stop playing and get the hell out of the venue. irritating that so many awesome bands are forced to play at such a sweaty shithole. absu's coming soon, and i'm seriously considering just saying fuck it.
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