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Kreator -- St. Petersburg, FL -- March 11th, 2009

First and foremost, fuck The Garage and all of it's employees. Allow me to explain. Doors opened an hour and a half late due to "technical issues." Finally when we were let in Epicurean hit the stage pretty fast and the vocals and one of the guitars cut out about 30 seconds into the first song. So they had to stand around onstage for about 15 minutes while the incompetents who worked The Garage tried to fix it. So they got back going eventually and were only able to play 3 songs due to the time constraint.

Next up was Warbringer, who I was really excited to see. However they had to cut their already shortened set even shorter, and only did three songs. It was really damn annoying, but they kicked ass for those three songs. The set list was...

- Total War
- Severed Reality
- Combat Shock

I didn't pay attention at all to Belphegor, but what I heard didn't impress me. Their singer put on some ridiculous bondage mask for the last song, and I could never understand what he was saying. Then finally it was time for Exodus, who thankfully did not have to cut their set short. They tore it down from start to finish as expected, and didn't have any technical problems. Rob handed me the mic and I sang the entire chorus to "War Is My Sheppard", it was pretty bad ass. The set list was the same that they've been doing this whole tour.

01. Bonded By Blood
02. Iconoclasm
03. A Lesson In Violence
04. Children Of A Worthless God
05. Piranha
06. Deathamphetamine
07. Blacklist
08. War Is My Sheppard
09. The Toxic Waltz
10. Strike Of The Beast

So finally it was time for Kreator and this about when the shit hit the fan. Kreator came out and halfway through "Hordes Of Chaos" everything goes out. Guitars, vocals, drums, lights, everything. Mille started cussing and throwing up his hands and they left the stage. A huge "KREATOR!" chant started, and Mille came out to address the situation. He said " This place fucking sucks, and we want to play for you guys but if the power goes out again, we're done " so they came back out and started playing "Phobia". As soon as that song ended I guess they had some more problems, I think the drums cut out, and Mille slammed the mic stand and started screaming " TEAR THIS FUCKING PLACE TO THE GROUND SO WE NEVER HAVE TO PLAY HERE AGAIN! EVERYBODY FUCK THIS PLACE UP! " The whole floor turned into a pit and it was pretty intense. They played fine from there on out, but cut quite a few songs including Voices Of The Dead and Amok Run which I REALLY wanted to hear. The set list was as follows.

Intro: Choir Of The Damned (shortened)
01. Hordes Of Chaos (A Necrologue For The Elite) [ Half of it ]
02. Phobia
03. Terrible Certainty
04. Betrayer
05. Enemy Of God
06. Destroy What Destroys You
07. Pleasure To Kill
08. The Patriarch / Violent Revolution
09. Extreme Aggression
10. Coma Of Souls
11. Flag Of Hate
12. Tormentor
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