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Napalm Death -- Tulsa, OK -- May 12th, 2009

To be honest I am still trying to find words @ this point... Well just like all good metal stories start out, it began by taping up my side view mirror on my car @ a Love's truck stop so the glass doesn't fly out on the highway. Still not over the fact I paid almost $4 for clear tape. Thank you storm in SW Missouri!!!! But I digress.

First off I can't believe @ the lack of turn out. Honestly through out the whole show I don't think there were 130 people there. Oh well their own damn loss anyway. Pretty sad for $18 tickets. Really didn't pay much attention to Coliseum & other opening bands. Toxic Holocaust was pretty damn amazing. Really not that familiar w/ their CD's that well other than latest cd but still very good. However 2 songs into their set I noticed that Barney went and walked over to their merch table!!! I got a picture w/ Barney and I really figured I could die a happy man after that. I was really impressed b/c he actually stayed & sat at the table the whole time up until halfway or so into Kataklysm's set. Very impressed w/ Toxic Holocaust, will definitley be seeing them w/ Hatebreed & Chimaria in August.

To be honest I'm not sure why alot of people on here seem to hate Kataklysm. This was my 2nd time seeing them (Opened for Dimmu Borgir couple of years ago) and they seemed to be even more amazing this time around. Watching Max behind the drum kit right up close is pretty damn amazing. I don't think anyone else has posted a setlist from Kataklysm so I will attempt to atleast: (Not In Order)

*Don't Remember Opener*
Crippled And Broken
In Shadows And Dust
The Resurrected
Let Them Burn
As I Slither
Taking The World By Storm
Like Angels Weeping

I'm pretty sure I got all the songs just not the right order. Would have like to have heard "Blood On The Swans" or "To The Throne Of Sorrow" but still a very good set nonetheless.

This was my very 1st time getting to see Napalm Death. I didn't figure my first time would be in Tulsa. I was stage right, right in front of Shane. I really wish I could have seen them tour for "Smear Campagin" which is one of the best they've put out in a while but still really love TWFNS as well. I can say that this was their exact list as I was lucky enough to get a setlist. And then to top my amazing night off I got a picture w/ Shane and got him to sign my setlist as well. I'm still very speechless about the whole night.

Napalm Death (In Order)
Unchallenged Hate
Suffer The Children
Silence Is Deafening
I Abstain
Life And Limb
On The Brink Of Extinction
It's A M.A.N.S. World
From Enslavement To Obliteration
Time Waits For No Slave
When All Is Said And Done
The Kill
You Suffer
Persona Non Grata
Smear Campagin
Nazi Punks Fuck Off
Mass Appeal

Wow, just unbelievable. If anyone cares I got some amazing pictures up on my MySpace: Napalm Death & GWAR / Cattle Decapatation all in the same week!!!!
10/7 - Run The Jewels

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