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Tarja -- Hollywood, CA -- May 8th, 2009

I don't care what people think about Tarja's solo material, I love it but I still admit Nightwish is better all-over musically with the mastermind of Tuomas Holopainen. I'm still generally a Tarja fan, I love her voice, her stage presence, and she's just the cutest thing to watch on stage! I loved her show, it brought lots of smiles to my face =)

Also got to hear "Nemo" and "Wishmaster" done the "right" way, sorry Anette's not epic enough.

My opinions, again! Setlist went as follows:

Boy And The Ghost
Lost Northern Star
My Little Phoenix
Passion And The Opera
The Seer
Dead Gardens
I Walk Alone (Followed by the crazy amazing drum solo, and fun band jam)
Ciaran's Well
Sing For Me
Minor Heaven (segues into "The Reign)
The Reign
Oasis (Tarja on the keyboard!)
Poison (Alice Cooper cover)
Die Alive
Calling Grace
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