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Karl Sanders - Saurian Exorcisms

I don't know if a lot of people know about Karl Sanders' solo work, so I just felt like writing about this to get it out and see what people think about this album (if people have already heard it). I picked up this record a couple of weeks ago, and I must say that I feel this is a really strong record. The heavy dosage of Egyptian influence is incredible, and the music is simply beautiful. This is the perfect instrumental record for fans of Egyptain music/ambient music. I didn't know what to expect from this record, being that Karl Sanders already showed great diversity in Nile. This only makes me respect him so much more as a guitarist, for his solo record is truly a solo record, unlike a bunch of other people who just have their name plasted on an album that has a full band on it, or a bunch of people contributing.

The versatile tracks on this record range from Egyptian themes to Arabic/Middle-Eastern chant songs. Immediate favorites of mine were "Rapture of the Empty Spaces", "Slavery Unto Nitokris", and "Shira Gula Pazu". I highly reccomend this record for those into deep, spiritually ambient music. This was the first Sanders' solo record I heard, and I will certainly be picking up Saurion Meditation when I can!

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