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Part 3:

Ghoul was up next. Ghoul is one of my favorite bands, but I had not seen them live. Ghoul was easily the best set of the night, and one of the best shows I have ever seen, even though it was only 40 minutes. They briefly opened up with Mr. Fang saying something about Swine Flu and throwing a "used" tissue into the crowd. Ghoul then took the stage and kicked into a new song, which at least for now was instrumental. Immediately the crowd surged forward to an extent I have only seen at a GWAR show (this rivals the last GWAR show I saw, it was that good). After that, they went into Numbskull. NUMBSKULL. That is definitely in my top 3 Ghoul songs, possibly #1, and I haven't seen any record of them playing it on recent tours. It was great. They then went into Bury the Hatchet, which happens to be my #1 on Splatterthrash. Awesome. The crowd went nuts on Splatterthrash, which was next, and probably the most chanted the entire time. Gorboar cam out ofter than, which was prefaced by an introduction by Digestor about how he knew who was giving everyone swine flu. Goreboar sprayed the crowd down with a water gun type device crudely labeled Swine Flu. After that Goreboar came back out, this time with a dildo between his legs which he began to rub, and Cremator made some joke about him being an actual swine. Digestor said "Shut up Cremator, rip his guts out so we can get into the song". And so his guts were removed. Then was Maxiaxe. After that some between song banter, and then Killbot came out and fought Ghoul and the crowd to Rise Killbot Rise (which sounded different since the distorted vocals were done in their entirety by Digestor), that was a blast. Then the classic Ghoul ending song, Graveyard mosh. I expected it to be over then, but no. Instead they launched into a cover of We're the Kids in America, which was ended by a chant of Kill the Kids in America.

Rotten Sound, Coffins, and Abscess are all a blur to me. I enjoyed all of them, but I was extremely tired after Ghoul (and hours of metal). I recall Abscess being funny and Coffins not being funny. Actually, I didn't like Coffins. I don't mind their studio stuff, but live, eh, not for me. I'd seen Rotten Sound Before, they were pretty much the same.

General Surgery. They were great. I spent most of the time half way back into the crowd watching and documenting, which is the only way I was able to get that set. They covered themselves in blood, had scantily clad women in nurse outfits throwing blood around, it was all fun. And they didn't take themselves to seriously. Some guy came up during the Repulsion cover, couldn't tell you who it was. They had a very triumphant end too.

After all of this, I (and my friends) were getting tired, and Dying Fetus aren't a band any of us were deterimined to see,and they'll be at Summer Slaughter, so we called it a night. Murderfest was awesome, I'll certianly go back next year.

EDIT: here is a video of CtP incase anyone wanted to witness it from the safety of your computer. at second 51 he makes the bat attack.
Also, a ridiculous and dangerous stage show does not discredit the band musically. It wasn't bad.

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