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Part 2:
Stormcrow were decent. I don't really know what to call their music, it was kinda like crust punk. I think one of the band members parents were in the crowd, because there were two normal looking senior citizens standing in the back watching and slowly nodding their heads to the beat. That was strange. To be honest after being scared to death by having this man: come at you with weapons that were sharp/on fire a typical punk/metal band is pretty boring. So I probably didn't give them a fair chance.

Sepsism. They were good. Apparently they almost exclusively played stuff from "the new album" except for one track which they haven't played in 10 years that they closed the set with. I didn't mind the new stuff, but the crowd wasn't too happy about it.

I like a lot of hardcore punk. Massgrave was more grind, but the crowd behaved in the same way I see in a lot of old videos from the 80's. It was insane. It wasn't the largest moshpit I've ever seen, but it may have been the craziest, there were people falling about everywhere and being flipped over and thrown into the air non stop. The only song I knew was Q:Landfill, A: Landfill!

Phobia were next. I love Phobia. For some reason I've never really listened to them enough to call myself a dedicated "fan", but both times I've seen them they have had better control of the crowd then any other band I've seen (of that genre). When they take the stage it seems like every single person is the worlds largest Phobia fan. They also have the largest number of random people grabbing the mic and singing the chorus to one of the many cookie cutter grind songs(I say that in the nicest way possible, its still great music). I can't really say more than they put on a great show. At one point some skinhead sang backing vocals, but I have no idea who he was. When Ultimate Suffering came up it was dedicated to Ghoul, and Shane told Sean to get up there and they both sang the song. That was cool, although it kinda ruined Ghoul's pretend anonymity. They pretty much stuck to the setlists I've seen/heard of in the last few years, except with the addition of Bloodsport, which was brought on by some guy yelling "blood sport, play fuckin BLOODSPORT, that song made me love Grindcore!!!" between every song until Shane said "You're pretty damn pushy. Fine. I know the song Bloodsport, (turns to band) Can you guys play it? (band nods) Alllrigghhht.....this one is called...uhhh....Bloodsport!"

It will take me a bit to write up Ghoul and General I'll leave that for a third part (tonight).

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