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Murderfest was great fun. Really, one of the best festivals I have been to. I got to the venue about an hour early and saw a lot of the bands going in and out, but it was largely uneventful. The venue itself is pretty nice, and somehow they have it so even though there is no door between the mainstage and the frontstage you cannot hear anything past a certain point in the hallway, so there was music going on 90% of the time. They had some pretty cool vendors there, I got 2 misprinted shirts for 5$ each (General Surgery and Blood Freak) from the Warlord stand, the only problem was that they were missing the printing on the back. I also picked up a Phobia shirt, and planned to pick up a Ghoul shirt, but I had the shirt they were selling.

The first band up was Burning at the Stake, they were pretty good. There didnt seem to be anyone aside from bhalperin's friends and my friends which were actually into them. At one point the singer through his shirt into the crowd, but it just sat there on the floor for a minute. It was kinda sad. They played a song called Creature of Unspeakable Horror, or something to that effect. I don't remember any others.

Die De Los Muertos were up next. They did nothing for me. The chick singer was annoying.

There are two bands listed between DDLM and Lightning Swords of Death, but I honestly have no recollection of seeing any band between those two, so I'll just go with LSoD. LSoD ruled. I had never heard of them before, and they didnt really fit with the rest of the fest, but they slayed. The bass player was great and seemed to worship Cronos, but it fit with the whole black metal/barbarian attire of the band. I couldn't tell you any songs they played, but I picked up a CD so maybe I will remember some. For a while I was SURE their drummer was Ross Sewage, but looking at pictures of impaled now I dont think it was him. Maybe. They don't have a drummer listed on myspace and Ross would have been there. So maybe.

Call the Paramedics. Somehow I had not heard of this band before. This was the single scariest concert experience of my life. I came in about 1 song into the set, to be greeted with a singer with blood streaming down the side of his face. Naturally, I assumed it was fake. Nope. My friends informed me that he had taken a razor from a bag and carved up his forehead. Shorty after this I guess there was not enough blood and he started smashing his head into the mic until there was more. At this point in time all damage done has been to the singer, so, eh, its shocking, but I don't really care. There were 3-4 fans out, and they all looked the same and were flailing about with no shirts, hitting people with their shirts. That wasn't fun, but I didnt really care. Then...the singer takes out a large staple gun and begins to staple dollars to his chest and forehead until more blood is slowly seeping out of him. The frightening part began when the crazy punk starts stapling the crowd. I can't say I'm used to bands causing that type of physical injury to the crowd, but still, I didn't really care THAT much (and I didnt get stapled). Throughout this whole thing his fans are punching at him, he is hitting them with the mic, etc. Then... the singer says some line about how this next one is going to teach all those who arent truly hardcore a lesson, and he take a wooden bat with a sock wrapped around the top and picks it up. He then lit said bat and turned it into a torch. I figured he'd do some fire dance with it. Nope. He jumped into the crowd and started swinging the weapon frantically around as people hurriedly tried to get out of his way. He kept doing this as his fans hit him with things and he swung it at them until the torch went out. The next "antic" happened as the singer took barbed wire out of his bag and wrapped it around himself for a song. After that, he tried to take it off, but it was hooked to his skin/clothes, so he ripped his shirt off and turned it into a barbed wire flail, and reenacted the fire attack, this time with a large string of barbed wire. My friend actually got hit in the leg with it, and at that point bailed on the band (understandably). They played a few more songs and lit parts of the drumset on fire, spat beer at them and made fire explosions. The whole thing ended with the drummer mocking Ghoul and putting a hood on and saying something about how they were real, and Ghoul weren't. It was sort of awesome, and also sort of terrifying. I won't be going to a Call the Paramedics concert anytime soon. The music was actually pretty good, they introduced every song, but the only ones I can remember now are It's Not Rape It's Surprise Sex, Cum in Her Ear Pussy, and some song title that had to do with Your Girlfriends Tits.

After that I walked over and caught the last 10 minutes of the Meat Shits. Fuck the Meat Shits. Their bigotry goes beyond the point of somewhat humorous and into just fucking stupid. Sniper at the Fag Parade? Really? Their singer was a total douchebag too. Almost everything he said had the words faggot, cocksucker, or fudgepacker in it. My favorite moronic quote was "I'm in a fucking backbrace [he was in a backbrace for the show] because I fractured by fucking spine you motherfucking faggot cocksucker". Pretty typical of everything he said. Some guy ranted at him after the show and through something at him. All he responded with was "faggot", I'm betting this wasn't the first time something like that happened.

Part 2 in a few.
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