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this was a really great concert, the longest one i've ever attended. I had the pleasure of meeting Wizzbang at the show, and had fun meetin him and his friends.

First band up was Burning at the Stake, a local band which I have really come to enjoy. They really tore it up and got a few people moshing. They're really great performers and don't fail to impress.

Next was a band called Dia De Los Muertos, Mexican Death Metal. They weren't really my thing, but my friend enjoyed them.

I think it was right after that where we got hungry and went to some pizza place, regrettfully missing a band named Call the Paramedics, which I'm sure Wizzbang will tell you about...

Next we saw a satanic metal band called Arkaik. They were alright. Enough said.

Then came a band full of egotistical assholes who you'd love to hate. Most rude, racist, homophobic, assholes I think I've ever seen. They're song titles were just a joke. Nevertheless, I had fun laughing at the outrageousness of the band.

After that came much of the reason I went in the first place. Crematorium! My second time seeing them, they were a lot better this time than last time I think. My only complaint is wishing they had longer than 25 minutes and had played their Pantera cover of "Fucking Hostile." Nevertheless I had a real fun pit experience for them.

If I remember correctly, next thing we did was have a very healthy meal at Haagen Dahz!

When we got back we saw Ghoul. I was so impressed by the talent of them! Really, really, great band. It was so fun to see Killbot, and all the other numbskulls and Ghoul Maniacs. Wonderful band, and hope to see them again someday. They by far got the best crowd response of the night.

When we came back, the band Abcess was getting ready to take the stage. I was not a fan of them, and nor were my friends, so we mostly just walked around during their set.

We decided to check out the other stage because the Side Stage Headliner, Coffins, was playing. They were japanese death metal. I appreciated the skill and quality of the live performance but for whatever reason did not get into them.

Next, a band called General Surgery started to play. I was praying they would be good as the recent bands had not impressed. They were insane! They came out covered in blood and had really hot nurses pouring blood on people. I believe they came from Sweden. Really cool band, bought a t-shirt by them after the show.

Before the Dying Fetus set, I had the pleasure of meeting an AMAZING artist named Tom Koehl:

After that, I was so exhausted. 11 hours of straight death metal will do that to you. I rested during most of Dying Fetus's set with my friends. Their really talented, but I was really just too tired to give a shit I'll see them on Summer Slaughter where I'll give them a second chance.

I'm sure there's stuff I'm forgetting, but this was really a great day. Got to see and meet some great people and bands, and have so much fun.

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