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Mastodon -- New York, NY -- May 9th, 2009

The Czar
Ghost Of Kareila
Crack The Skye
The Last Baron
Colony Of Birchmen
The Wolf Is Loose
Crystal Skull
Caperlian Crest
Iron Tusk
March Of The Fire Ants

After Lamb of God, I didn't know how I would survive Mastodon, but I did! Staying at my grandpa's apartment which was literally a 2 minute walking distance probably helped a lot . So me and my buddy got there at 7 on the spot, and we got a spot on the barricade and waited. The two openers were not my cup of tea, thus I will not say they were bad or anything, I just am not a fan of that kind of music at all. When Mastodon came on, they tore the place up. Being the 2nd time I saw them, they were a lot better this run than on Rockstar Mayhem. With an epic headlining set and Brett cleaning his act up A LOT, I thought they were amazing! Crack the Skye turned out to be just as epic live as in studio, favorites being Divinations, The Czar, and The Last Baron. The second set immediatly punched you in the face, starting with Bladecatcher all the way to MOTFA. Megalodon had to be one of the heaviest songs of the night, with that brutal midsection instigating a huge fucking pit . No Hearts Alive was dissapointing, but I expected that since they've recently been not playing it. Oh well, maybe some other time (as well as with Blood & Thunder). I was truly impressed with Mastodon yet again, and will definately be seeing them next time they hit the Tri-State!
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