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Opeth -- Pittsburgh, PA -- May 5th, 2009

Cinco de Opeth! This tour's set has been posted dozens of times by dozens of other people, so here I offer... my own thoughts on the show.

Enslaved: This show was a real treat in that we not only get the great Opeth, but we get Enslaved just as well! Enslaved was originally slated to play a headlining tour with Swallow The Sun and Keep of Kalessin (which not-surprisingly had no Pittsburgh date), which had ultimately fell through. But one of the fortunes that came out of that misfortune was this tour, that included the steel city. The band themselves noted that it was the first time they've played Pittsburgh since 2001. As for the songs.. Great sounds, even if we all miss most of the early material. Wish they got a longer time, but they managed to bring it within 40 minutes. Set's the same as it has been:

To The Coast
Fusion Of Sense And Earth
As Fire Swept Clean The Earth
The Watcher

Opeth: Second time seeing the Opeths (first time I caught 'em was last year on a Prog-Nation tour off-date that they did here with Between the Buried and Me and 3). I'm sure you all know the song and dance (well maybe not dance.. Mikael hates dancing ) on Opeth live, so I'll just post the beauteous set they did.

Heir Apparent
Ghost Of Perdition
Godheads Lament
The Leper Affinity
Hessian Peel
Closure/Extended Jam (some of which quoted what sounded like Hendrix's "Third Stone From The Sun")
The Night And The Silent Water
The Lotus Eater
Fredrik Akkerson solo

Simply incredible; almost an entirely different set than last year's, with the exception of Heir Apparent, which was even better this time around than when I saw it last year. The only problem with this set is the lack of Orchid-representation, but that's just picking nits anyway. All in all, I look forward to telling stories of the wonders of this band live to future fellow metalheads; it was that good.
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