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Originally Posted by Fe Maiden View Post
If you are too young to know that's your loss I guess! You really don't know what you missed and therefore don't know what you're talking about in that regard. For some of us it brought back some wonderful memories!

True that most younger bands are shit!

Not all new albums are as good as going back in time tours!!!
As I said, I DID see SSOASS. Great memories, but I'm just not interested in nostalgia. I like looking forward.

To respond to a couple of other people's comments:

Not liking some of Maiden's songs doesn't make me a non-fan. Do you like every single song ANY band has ever recorded? Even when I was a kid back in the '80s I thought most of Maiden's singles were amongst the weakest tracks on the albums. TTAL>>>>>>>>>>The Trooper, for example. And Iron Maiden is one of the worst songs they've ever recorded.

A tour like SBIT is ideally an opportunity to pull out tons of rarities and deep cuts, and Maiden completely blew it. I'd say it's official; gems like TTAL and CSIT will never be performed live again.

When I was a kid it was quite typical to buy a dozen or so great albums every year. These days I feel lucky if there's two or three. Does nobody else see this as a problem???!!!
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