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I disagree with Gwar, I think Iowa was the heaviest album.

But as for AHIG, I think it's a great album. The heavy stuff (Gematria, This Cold Black, Title Track) is really feral and Corey's new growl style is perfect, and the "single" songs (Psychosocial, Sulfur, Vendetta) are really catchy. Hell, they even made another "trippy" song in the fantastic Gehenna.

One thing that's really divided opinion is the ballads. Dead Memories is good enough, but I really don't think Snuff fits on the album, Corey should have saved it for his solo record. I think 'Til we Die should have filled its place.

Overall Score- 8/10
as opposed to

Slipknot- 8/10
Iowa- 9/10
Subliminal Verses- 7/10
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