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Originally Posted by 2handband View Post
Things to complain about:

1) Having to sit through worn-out, overrated-to-begin-with standards like RTTH, TNOTB, FOTD, and CIPWM for the 80 millionth time.

2) Nowhere near enough deep cuts for a tour like that; the only real surprise was Moonchild (although it was great to hear Rime played live again).

3) Four years between albums is just stupid.
First of all, I don't know how you can think those songs are overrated. Just because we have heard them a million times, you know the first time you heard Run to the Hills, The Trooper, The Number of the Beast, etc, you were, thats fucking metal! And besides, they transfer great live and it's fucking Maiden!

And there were definately great tracks on the set, Rime, Moonchild, Revelations, The Clairvoyant, Heaven Can Wait...need I say more?

And four years between albums due to mass touring, 1st for AMOLAD, then a tour like SBIT....I don't see how that is stupid.
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