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Originally Posted by 2handband View Post
Things to complain about:

1) Having to sit through worn-out, overrated-to-begin-with standards like RTTH, TNOTB, FOTD, and CIPWM for the 80 millionth time.

2) Nowhere near enough deep cuts for a tour like that; the only real surprise was Moonchild (although it was great to hear Rime played live again).

3) Four years between albums is just stupid.
1) That means you are not a fan.
2) Can't agree. I'm sure there were many people in the ages 15-30 who had never seen Aces High, Rime, Powerslave, Phantom, Children, Revelations, Moonchild and Clairvoyant.
3) Its not. They usually come out with an album in 3 years max, if you look at their release history. In fact, the extra anticipation and wait might actually make it even better than what it would have been had it been released in 08 or this year. I prefer quality over quantity. They used to bring out an album once every year from 1980 to 1984. They don't do that now and they don't need to.
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