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Dragonforce -- New Haven, CT -- May 5th, 2009

Heroes Of Our Time
Operation Ground and Pound
Reasons To Live
Fury Of The Storm
The Warrior Inside
Keyboard/Guitar Solo
Revolution Deathsquad
Soldiers Of The Wasteland
The Last Journey Home
Strike Of The Ninja
Valley Of The Damned
Through The Fire and Flames

I gotta say, this was a really fun show. I'm kinda disappointed we didn't get Heart Of A Dragon, but Soldiers is a great song and also one of my favs from them. I was up on the security rail the entire time they were on so I had a great view of all their onstage antics. Sam Totman was constantly making fun of Herman Li, yawning and doing the jerkoff motion with his hands during his solos. ZP was looking kinda ridiculous, he had a really small shirt on and eyeliner. The bassist was a real cool guy, always interacting with the crowd. They keyboardist was in his own world, always jumping up and down and doing all kinds of crazy shit. At the end ZP brought a little kid on stage. It was pretty cool.

High points:
- getting a pick from Fred the bassist, and a setlist later
- locking eyes with ZP during "Operation..." and singing along with him
- high-fiving Herman
- the guitar/keyboard solos, which are usually boring were very nice. For some reason it was Fred doing the guitar solo, not Sam or Herman
- Calling out ZP on his lame facial hair
Me: What's with the goatee? You didn't have that last time!
ZP: I got lazy, man
Me: *thumbs down*
ZP: *middle finger*
- Cynic were very awesome, but I'm not familiar with their stuff so I didn't get a setlist
- Daath were good, but I didn't recognize any of their songs

Low Points:
- The sound was not that great. There were a lot of time when the guitar was just completely lost in the mix. During Cynic everything was too loud until the last two songs, then they sounded much better
-The crowd during Cynic was terrible. There were a bunch of jerks that kept booing and yelling "Freebird" during their set. They were also shouting "Get the fuck off the stage, bring on Dragonforce!", which prompted all the Cynic fans to turn around and scream "Dragonforce sucks!"

Overall it was a great show and I can't wait for them to return, hopefully with a new album soon.
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