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Originally Posted by snowdog2112 View Post
What venues are you talking about? I work out at the DL Performing Arts Center and the crowds there are always up for a concert.HSBC Arena also
has a good crowd for shows.Saw quite a few concerts there from TSO to
Genesis and you could tell from the band they loved the reaction they received
It's no particular venue in particular it's just general stuff i've noticed through the years.It's true that people are always up for a concert but a lot of people go without having a clue about who they're seeing. When I saw Heaven and Hell at Darien Lake a couple years ago there were people i talked to leaving the show who were dissappointed that they didn't do any Ozzy era stuff. I've had a few other things happen like that through the years at shows. I guess I just get really disappointed when I go to a show and see or talk to people who aren't as passoinate about seeing the artist as I am
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