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Originally Posted by Sanatarium78 View Post
Living in Buffalo all my life I can definately say that the crowd reactions are very crappy at a lot of major shows. It's a very trendy area and if the band isn't playing something that was on the radio it doesn't get much reaction. Of course it's still better than going to see a show in Canada where people sit down for the whole thing unless it's gerneral admission. I'll just never get why people would pay money to go see a show of a band you don't know a lot from. That's why the crowds are so shitty.
What venues are you talking about? I work out at the DL Performing Arts Center and the crowds there are always up for a concert.HSBC Arena also
has a good crowd for shows.Saw quite a few concerts there from TSO to
Genesis and you could tell from the band they loved the reaction they received
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