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Originally Posted by SilentSoldier144 View Post
1.We're assholes, but we give a band a response they deserve and makes them come back on every major tour. Funny how Buffalo is a "every now and then" kind of city.

2.Seeing some people headbanging, sing or even do something besides stand motionless on the barricade would've been nice to see. I knew it was gonna be bad when there were more people on the upper tiers with their cameras then on the floor.

3.If Dragonforce is shit then get off my thread. Clearly you were interested in seeing what they played.

4.QQ less
So some people like to stand around whats the big deal
No where does it say if you go see a band you have to jump around like a wild animal.I go to shows to see the bands play.Thats what I paid to see.
How a person enjoys a show is there own business
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