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Originally Posted by snowdog2112 View Post
Why are people who live in NYC a bunch of arrogant assholes
So the crowd was bad what did you expect from people hearing a
shit band like DF? What are they supposed to do jump around like a
bunch of dipshits from NYC?
1.We're assholes, but we give a band a response they deserve and makes them come back on every major tour. Funny how Buffalo is a "every now and then" kind of city.

2.Seeing some people headbanging, sing or even do something besides stand motionless on the barricade would've been nice to see. I knew it was gonna be bad when there were more people on the upper tiers with their cameras then on the floor.

3.If Dragonforce is shit then get off my thread. Clearly you were interested in seeing what they played.

4.QQ less
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