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Mastodon -- Cleveland, OH -- May 2nd, 2009

Most of this is corroborated by pictures and video which I took, so it is pretty accurate for the most part.

All three performances were top notch. IntrOnaut was an opening act that was thoroughly up to the task – they were technically accurate, heavy and LOUD!

Kylesa played about an hour’s worth of material in about forty minutes – their pace was just breakneck throughout. As I was verifying the set list via my camcorder video (I got their entire set on tape) against their studio albums, much of the material they played was significant sped up and more intense than the album versions. This was especially cool for some of the older songs such as "Bottom Line" and "Descend Within", which sounded like completely new songs. Kylesa proved once again that they are quickly becoming a major force to be reckoned with in the metal world.

Last but not least, Mastodon were – of course – crushing as usual. Their technical accuracy was excellent. Brann was lights out (no surprise there ). Brent seemed to have taken it easy on the partying that night, and he was every bit as competent as an all-star singer / guitarist for a band like Mastodon should be.

All in all, we got about a hundred bucks worth of good, solid metal entertainment for twenty bucks (plus gas money)…so the night was a crushing success!!!

IntrOnaut (~25 – 30 min.)
The Challenger
The Literal Black Cloud
Cavernous Den of Shame
Whittler of Fortune

Kylesa (~35 – 40 min.)
Running Red
Where The Horizon Unfolds
Unknown Awareness
Only One
Bottom Line
---Drum Solo---
Said and Done
Descend Within
Hollow Severer (w/ drum solo)

Mastodon (~ 2 hrs. total)
The Czar
Ghost of Karelia
Crack the Skye
The Last Baron
---Break (~5 min.)---
Colony of Birchmen
The Wolf is Loose
Crystal Skull
Capillarian Crest
Iron Tusk
March of the Fire Ants


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