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Great show! Primordial was the highlight for me. Just a very powerful performance. Their songs translated great live. Korpiklaani were a blast too and it totally looked like they were having a great time playing (except for the bass and accordian players...they looked like they were at work). I'm only familiar with Moonsorrow's newer material, but they were awesome too. I definetly need to get some of their older material. Blackguard were pretty good too, though I'm unfamiliar with their music. I thought some of the stunts the singer was doing were pretty cliche ("I wanna see the biggest circle pit Springfield's every seen", lol...and the Wall of Death on the last song). But, to his credit, everyone seemed pretty into it. He did say we were much more into it than Allentown the other night

All in all a really good show. I'd definetly go see the last 3 bands again any time
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